Internet Access

Cape Connect Internet provides both wireless and cable internet services throughout Boland Park.

WiFi Internet

WiFi access is via any of the wireless access points with a “cape-connect” wireless ID.  Simply search for your strongest Cape Connect signal using your laptop, page PC with wireless card, treatment wifi-capable cellphone / smart phone or tablet.  Connect to the Cape Connect access point to start using the service.

Cable Internet

We can run a cable into your flat, to provide you with a secure in-house multiple device connection.  Our wireless routers provide for up to 4 LAN connections, as well as multiple wireless connections. Cable installation costs a once-off R1885, including a wireless router.  There is no monthly line rental fee.

Telephone Service

We are able to provide a telephone service over cable internet (Voice over Internet Protocol – VoIP), and can port your Telkom number if required.  You would need a cable connection to our internet service, and a VoIP handset.  We can provide a desktop phone for R850 or a cordless phone for R1450.  Line rental is R50 per month.  You will be billed for calls on a monthly basis.

Prepaid, Capped or Uncapped Internet Access

We offer three connection options:  prepaid per-gig internet access, capped solutions or uncapped solutions.

Prepaid Internet

If you are connecting via WiFi, you can instantly sign up for and top up a prepaid account online.  Connect to your nearest Cape Connect access point and open your browser (Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, Safari etc).  You will see “Welcome to Cape Connect Internet” displayed, with a username/password login area, along with a link to create an account if you do not already have one.  Click on the link, create your account, and verify it.  To top it up instantly using a credit or debit card, click on “Purchase Prepaid Data” in the Control Panel and follow the resulting steps.

Alternatively, you can purchase a once-off 1GB voucher from the list of available options on the login page without creating an account.

If you are connecting via cable to our prepaid service, we will help you set up your account on installation of your cable.

Our prepaid gigs are valid for 12 months, unless used before then.  They do not expire at the end of a month – you can use them until they are used up within the 12 month period.

Capped Packages

Our capped packages operate much the same as the prepaid per-gig solution.  Connect to our service, and choose which of the capped options you would like from the login screen options.  Please note that caps expire 30 days after purchase, unless used before then.  Any unused gigs at the end of 30 days will fall away.

Uncapped Internet

Our uncapped service is priced by speed, not per gig.  We give you a speed limit, you use as much internet as you want to at that speed, subject to our Fair Use Policy.  Monthly subscriptions are as follows.

Uncapped 1Mb R175

Uncapped 2Mb R330

Uncapped 4Mb R660

Uncapped 10Mb R990

Application for service forms are available here.

Uncapped access is provided and billed on a month to month basis, for the month in advance by debit order.

Please contact us if you require any further information.